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Registered Agent Services for Cannabis Companies

What is a registered agent? 

Registered agents help companies stay compliant with state and federal regulations by informing them of official mail in a timely manner and preserving copies. 

Most states require companies to designate a registered agent upon formation to ensure that companies have a means to accept service of process. Service of process informs a company or individual of any pending lawsuits filed against them. A registered agent receives service of process, legal compliance documents, tax documents, and government correspondences on behalf of companies in exchange for a fee.

Why designate a cannabis-specific registered agent?

At a minimum, a registered agent should:

(1) Keep your business in good standing so that the company avoids the penalties that most states impose for not having a registered agent, (2) Optimize your time by having someone else accept and shred junk mail, (3) Add a layer of privacy by protecting your company and its officers from being served with lawsuits at the place of business, and (4) Ensure that your official mail and legal notices are in good hands and brought to your attention in a timely manner.

The most important reason to select a cannabis-specific registered agent is that your state's cannabis regulations are new, changing, and ever-evolving. A cannabis-specific registered agent such as Leaf Legal, PC can keep you informed of and also explain any newly adopted or upcoming cannabis regulations. 

And if you're interested, you can get legal advice from one of our attorneys.

Benefits of hiring LEAF LEGAL, P.C. for registered agent services:

  • Leaf Legal will communicate, store, and maintain all important tax and legal documents received for your cannabis business.
  • Leaf Legal will be available during business hours every weekday to receive process and official communications on behalf of your business. 
  • Leaf Legal will have a verified physical in-state street address, if your primary address is out-of-state. 
  • Leaf Legal may provide additional business guidance. 
  • Leaf Legal's registered agent services will help you maintain your privacy as it is the Leaf Legal, P.C. address that will be listed on certain public records, rather than your personal or company addresses. 

If you are interested in selecting Leaf Legal, P.C. as the Registered Agent for your cannabis business,  contact us today. 

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