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Leaf Legal, P.C. provides clients with counsel and/or representation in both meditation and arbitration. In the cannabis industry, mediation is the most frequently implemented form of ADR, alternative dispute resolution.

Mediation Services at Leaf Legal

Leaf Legal provides mediation services for parties that are contractually obliged, or otherwise willing, to mediate a dispute prior to pursuing arbitration or litigation. Mediation is the most common form of alternative dispute resolution chosen by cannabis businesses and is highly preferred when litigation is cost prohibitive or ill-advised where the cost may outweigh any potential recovery. Unlike arbitration and litigation, mediation is non-binding, so there is no risk of a surprise decision. At Leaf Legal, a neutral mediator will work with the parties to reach an out-of-court settlement. Our mediators are all licensed litigation attorneys who understand the risks of litigation as well as the likely outcomes handed down by the courts.

Some of the more common disputes we see involve breach of contract, intellectual property infringement, partnership disputes, land use disputes, negligent misrepresentation, securities fraud, investment fraud, and Section 10(b) claims. It is critical in cannabis disputes that the mediation team possess a high level of expertise in the cannabis industry. It is important for the mediator to be cognizant of ever-evolving cannabis laws and the business landscape where local, state, and federal laws intersect, conflict, and change without notice.  

If the parties agree to pursue mediation, they will each provide succinct briefs to the mediator one to two weeks prior to the scheduled mediation. Mediations are typically scheduled for one eight-hour business day, though multi-day mediations are occasionally in order. Mediations can be held in person, via Zoom, or in a hybrid of the two. Once the parties agree upon terms, the mediation is complete and the parties go on to prepare a written settlement agreement that they will execute. In the event an outside mediator is chosen, Leaf Legal can provide attorneys who will advise the client throughout the mediation.

Protect Your Investment

Discord and conflict can run any business into the ground. The team at Leaf Legal, P.C. can provide guidance, advise on the probability of success if a matter were to proceed to arbitration or court, and help evaluate what out-of-pocket monetary and opportunity costs are at stake when the party litigates instead of spending time operating its business.

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