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The New York State Cannabis Control Board recently approved the cannabis research license application to produce, process, purchase and/or possess cannabis for limited research purposes. 

Because of this, researchers will have the ability to study and collect the information needed to better understand the cannabis plant. Research involving cannabis has been severely limited by a century of cannabis prohibition in the U.S., administrative barriers, and federal restrictions. New York's cannabis research license will lead to innovative discoveries that further expand the scientific community's collective knowledge of cannabis.

The research license allows licensees to perform the following types of research involving cannabis: 

Animal research;
Human observational research;
Clinical research;
Agricultural research;
Genomic research;
Efficacy and safety of administering investigational products as a component of medical treatment; and
Lab-based (e.g. chemical potency/composition) research

Applying for the cannabis research license requires a $250 application fee. If the application is successful, a $500 license fee must also be paid before the license can be issued. The application must be completed online and is accessible on OCM's website. The application window opened on September 13, 2023, and submissions are being accepted on a rolling basis. 

If your company is in need of a cannabis research license, the team at Leaf Legal, P.C. will provide guidance and application drafting--and  your company can focus on what matters.

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