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Oregon Hemp Licensing

In Oregon, it is legal to grow and process industrial hemp, but an entity needs a license to engage in these activities. Also, industrial hemp growers or handlers must have an OLCC Hemp Certificate to transfer industrial hemp flower, extracts, or concentrates to OLCC licensed processors. The Oregon Department of Agriculture regulates the growing and processing of industrial hemp in Oregon.

The Oregon hemp license application process is currently open. All hemp registrations expire on December 31st each year.


  • Growers can find the application here.
  • If an entity needs to make any changes to their registration, the registration change form can be found here.
  • If an entity needs to request an official sampling from the ODA or an accredited laboratory, the Sampling Request for Industrial Hemp form can be found here.


  • The 2019 industrial hemp handlers registration application can be found here.
  • If the entity needs a hemp on-site sampling form, it can be found here.
  • If the entity needs a hemp pre-harvest THC report form, it can be found here.

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