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In Order to Submit a Marijuana Establishment Application Complete:

  1. online application
  2. Form MJ-00:Application Certifications
  3. Form MJ-01:Marijuana Establishment Operating Plan
  4. Form MJ-02:Premises Diagram
  5. Form MJ-07:Public Notice Posting Affidavit
  6. Form MJ-08:Local Government Notice Affidavit
  7. Publisher's Affidavit
  8. Form MJ-09:Statement of Financial Interest
  9. Proof of Possession for Proposed Premises
  10. Entity Documents
  11. Fingerprint Cards
  12. Fingerprint Fees ($48.25 per person)
  13. New Application Fee ($1,000 for each license type)
  14. Additional License-Type-Specific Items (See below for license-type-specific checklists)

There are Additional Requirements Depending on the Type of License

Retail Marijuana Store Applications:

  1. Form MJ-03:Retail Marijuana Store Operating Plan Supplemental
  2. Food Safety Permit
  3. License Fee ($5,000)

Standard/Limited Marijuana Cultivation Facility Applications:

  1. Form MJ-04: Marijuana Cultivation Facility Operating Plan Supplemental
  2. License Fee (Limited: $1,000 / Standard: $5,000)

Marijuana Concentrate/Product Manufacturing Facility Applications:

  1. Form MJ-05:Marijuana Product Manufacturing Facility Operating Plan Supplemental
  2. Food Safety Permit
  3. License Fee (Concentrate Manufacturing: $1,000 / Product Manufacturing: $5,000)

Marijuana Testing Facility Applications:

  1. Form MJ-06: Marijuana Testing Facility Operating Plan Supplemental
  2. License Fee ($1,000)

*All persons with a direct or indirect financial interest must be Alaska residents.

*After submitting the online application, the system will automatically produce a cover sheet. This cover sheet must accompany every set of supplemental documents and items that is submitted to AMCO's main office.


  • Licensees no longer need to submit fingerprint cards or fingerprint fees with their 2019/2020 renewal application, unless specifically requested by the examiner.

How to Renew a License:

Renewal Fees:

  • Limited Marijuana Cultivation Facilities $1,400
  • Marijuana Concentrate Manufacturing Facilities $2,000
  • Marijuana Testing Facilities $2,000
  • Standard Marijuana Cultivation Facilities $7,000
  • Marijuana Product Manufacturing Facilities $7,000
  • Retail Marijuana Store $7,000

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