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  • Thorough Cannabis Business Guidance

    As the cannabis industry matures, your business must stay in compliance with evolving state and local marijuana laws and business regulations.

  • Comprehensive Cannabis Patents

    You can protect your cannabis intellectual property, including plant strains, synthetic compounds, and production or extraction processes through patents.

  • Aggressive Drug Charge Defense

    Prosecutors may try to charge you with drug crimes even if you are legally in possession of marijuana, paraphernalia, or other cannabis products.

Medical marijuana and recreational cannabis use is expanding across the country, cannabis businesses are thriving, and many states are changing the related criminal laws in ways that may be very tricky for both businesses and consumers. An experienced cannabis law firm can help you avoid criminal charges, stay in compliance with your state's regulatory scheme, and establish a cannabis business that will succeed.

Cannabis Lawyers

At Leaf Legal, P.C., we handle all aspects of cannabis law, from criminal defense to business formation. Our clients come to us to protect their intellectual property, help navigate their state's regulatory scheme, and to avoid civil penalties or criminal liability.

Cannabis Business Law

Without the proper licenses and insurance in place, a new cannabis business could be shut down, causing owners to lose their entire investment. The legal cannabis industry is growing, evolving, and highly-regulated. In order to succeed, it is a must that participants are aware of and adhere strictly to each state's regulatory scheme, especially given the reality that marijuana is illegal under federal law for all purposes. Our cannabis business law practice includes:

  • Cannabis Business Licensing
  • Regulatory Scheme Compliance
  • Cannabis Patent Law
  • Cannabis Trademark Law
  • Cannabis Business Banking
  • Cannabis Business Insurance
  • Cannabis Revenue Taxation
  • Cannabis Business Zoning
  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes between Property Owners and Cannabis Businesses
  • Asset Seizure and Civil Forfeiture of Property of Cannabis Industry Participants
  • Employer's Duty with regard to Legal Cannabis Use and Medical Marijuana Employees
  • Personal Injury Under the Influence of Legal Cannabis

Marijuana Crimes

Marijuana crimes continue to be among the most common criminal charges. Though attitudes towards marijuana use are changing, some district attorneys are still coming down hard on anyone caught with marijuana, even if it is for medical use. Without the proper licensing in place, dispensaries, wholesalers, and growers can face criminal charges. Our criminal defense practice includes:

  • Defending Individuals and Cannabis Businesses Against Drug Charges
  • Expunging Marijuana Arrest Records
  • Post-Conviction Litigation of Drug Charges

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With constantly changing legislation and regulations, it is important to have an experienced attorney at the forefront of the legalization movement. At Leaf Legal, P.C., we handle all types of cannabis legal assistance. From business formation to regulatory scheme compliance, we can help. Contact Leaf Legal, P.C. today.


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