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Legacy to Legal: Cannabis Cultivators and Processors

The Cultivators and Processors (AUCC/AUCP) Mentorship Program

for Experienced Cultivators and Processors

Applications Opened as of 10/20/22.

On October 20, 2022, the Office of Cannabis Management announced the Cannabis Compliance Training and Mentorship (CCTM) Program. The 10-week program is based on existing farmer apprenticeship and fellowship programs, with an explicit goal of growing and diversifying the pipeline of farmers and processors preparing to participate in New York's adult-use cannabis industry.

The CCTM program will consist of a series of webinars covering topics on cannabis cultivation and processing, agribusiness management and regulatory compliance. The program will be available to individuals with horticultural experience who seek to cultivate or process cannabis in a regulated market. Members of communities traditionally underrepresented in farming are encouraged to apply.

The short 14-day application window for this program will open on October 20 and close on November 3.

The program will consist of 15-20 virtual webinars and take place between November 2022 and February 2023. Holders of Adult-Use Conditional Cultivator (AUCC) and Adult-Use Conditional Processor (AUCP) licenses will be supporting program participants as part of the requirements for their license while helping to create a pathway to the industry.

Service delivery and technical training will be supported by:

o Adult-Use Conditional Cultivators

o Adult-Use Conditional Processors

o SUNY Morrisville

o Cornell University

o Office of Cannabis Management (compliance and legal personnel)

o Business and accounting professionals with cannabis expertise

SUNY Morrisville will host the virtual webinars through the Blackboard system, manage the on-boarding of all participants on to the platform and provide written summaries of the key take-aways from each lesson. Live webinars will be recorded and made available to all participants to view at any time to ensure access for those participants with limited availability. In addition, participants will have the option to attend “Office Hour” mentoring sessions to review training material with those AUCCs and AUCPs with real-world operational experience in compliant cannabis production.

SUNY Morrisville is uniquely qualified to host and assist with the program. SUNY's School of Agriculture, Business and Technology boasts specialty crops, a cannabis production certificate program, and a cannabis industry minor. Leading the way in cannabis education to prepare students to join one of the fastest-growing sectors of the horticulture/agriculture industry in New York State and nationwide sets SUNY Morrisville apart.

Cornell University will round out the program contributing a unique a range of webinars to the CCTM that focus on both integrative plant science as well as labor and employment law in the cannabis industry.

Specific lesson plans in these curricula include: MRTA Background; Legal Considerations and Business Formation; Labor Laws and Worker Safety and Training; Recall Plans and Safety; Root Zone Management and Nutrient Deficiencies; Lab Testing and the COA/THC tax; Compliant Packaging & Marketing Legal Cannabis; Environmental Controls, Lighting and Temperature; Inventory Tracking & Paperwork Management Strategies; Supply Chain Management; and Managing Risk in Your Extraction Business.


Candidates for the Compliance Training Program must:

o Be at least 18 years old

o Have a valid, government issued photo ID

o Have historical experience in agriculture and cultivating traditional crops, and processing food and beverage products in regulated markets

Eligible applicants must also demonstrate a sincere interest in cultivation or processing as a career as well as in applying for adult-use cannabis licenses within those fields.


Eligible prior cultivation experience may include or be a combination of (but is not limited to) the following:

o Ownership, participation, management of, or employment in a commercial farm business, urban farm or community-supported agricultural organization.

o Farming internship or apprenticeship.

o Participation in a farm training or farm incubator program.

o A two- or four-year degree in a relevant field of study.


Eligible prior processing and manufacturing experience may include or be a combination of (but is not limited to) the following:

o Ownership, management of, or employment in, a food and beverage processing establishment (20-C, 17-B, etc.).

o Ownership, management of, or employment in, a New York not-for-profit corporation with one or more NYS G&C producers, food processing establishments or distributors.

o A two- or four-year degree in a relevant field of study.

Applications will be considered on a variety of factors related to these work experiences and how well the skills demonstrated therein translate to the adult-use cannabis industry.

The size of the selected applicants will range from 200-250 participants, subject to the quality and quantity of applications submitted. Applicants will first be screened for the minimum of requirements, and then scored based on a range of objective criteria. Highest scoring applicants who meet the minimum requirements may qualify for interviews. All applications will be anonymized upon receipt, retained in a password protected file and will be permanently deleted after applicant selection and program launch.

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