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Colorado Medical Marijuana License

The Following Licenses are Authorized under State Statute:

  • Medical Marijuana Center
  • Medical Marijuana Optional Premises Cultivation
  • Medical Marijuana Infused Product Manufacturer
  • Medical Marijuana Testing Facility
  • Medical Marijuana Transporter
  • Medical Marijuana Operator
  • Medical Marijuana Research and Development Facility or Cultivation

All of the aforementioned license types require the same form, but the entity must fill out separate forms for each license type.

 How to Apply

  1. An applicant must submit a completed Medical Marijuana Business License Application.
    1. If a question does not apply to you, indicate so with an N/A. Do not leave it blank.
  2. Entity must include a check or money order for the non-refundable, full application fee and made payable to the Colorado Department of Revenue. 
  3. Attach the signed relevant forms
    1. Affirmation & Consent (each owner)
    2. Investigation Authorization/Authorization to Release Information (each owner)
    3. Applicant's Request to Release Information (leave the "To:" section blank on that page) (each owner)
    4. Statement of Understanding (each owner)
    5. Tax Check and Authorization to Release Information (each owner)
    6. Applicable documents must be signed by all owners prior to submission to the MED
  4. Attach the following information as well
    1. Copy of Local License or application
    2. Documentation showing legal possession of the premises to be licensed
    3. Diagram of premises to be licensed (see page 2, question 6), include a separate security drawing
    4. Certificate of Good Standing from the Colorado Secretary of State's Office
    5. Articles of Incorporation, including amendments OR
    6. Articles of Organization, including amendments and operating agreement
    7. Trade Name Registration
    8. Partnership Agreement, or operating/shareholder agreements
    9. If corp., annual and biannual reports and meeting minutes from past 12 months
    10. Copies of promissory notes, security instruments, etc., (see page 2, question 7,
      and page 4, question 7)
    11. Explanation detailing the funding sources used to finance the applicant business
    12. List of financial institution accounts as detailed on page 4, question 8
    13. All applicable information requested on page 4
  5. Submit an Associated Key License application (DR 8520) for any person with ownership interest, including officers and directors (if applicable).
  6. Applications and associated documents must be single-sided and on 8.5X11 inch paper. Also include:
    1. Check or money order to local authority
    2. Check made payable to DOR (checks only accepted in name of the applicant, owner(s) or business entity which has an ownership interest in the applicant/licensee).
    3. Submit one complete original application packet.
  7. The entity can either have the application materials delivered or drop them off at the Marijuana Enforcement Division, 1707 Cole Blvd., Suite 300, Lakewood Colorado, 80401.

How to Modify License

Permissible Ownership Changes:

  • the sale of a business to new owner(s),
  • the addition of new owner(s) to the existing ownership group,
  • a change in the corporate structure of the ownership group, or
  • the removal of a current member of an ownership group.

Requirements for Change of Ownership Application

  • Completed Change of Ownership Application
  • First four (4) pages of the MED a Medical or Retail Business License Application (whichever is applicable) 
  • Evidence of a local application for the proposed change 
  • Evidence of Secretary of State Notification 
  • New or amended Operating Agreement or By-Laws 
  • Current lease including all amendments and assignments
  • Request for Voluntary Surrender of License (only necessary for the removal of a current owner) 
  • Sales contract, agreement and/or any meeting minutes reflecting removal of owner(s) with acknowledgment from departing owner(s) 
  • Copy of patient count records (Medical Only) 
  • Floor plans for each facility, to scale, on 8.5 x 11-inch paper 
  • Copy of the current Medical or Retail Marijuana State Tax or Wholesale License 
  • New promissory notes, security agreements, consulting agreements or material financial agreements 
  • Two copies of the entire application packet (one original and one copy)
  • Full application fee

Location Changes:

Owners must receive approval from the Department of Revenue (DOR) and the affected local authority prior to relocation. An entity can apply to the DOR by submitting:

  1. The Report of Changes Application.
  2. A copy of the new deed or lease that establishes possession of the premises by the licensee
  3. A detailed diagram of the new premises and a separate security drawing
  4. Two copies of the complete Change of Location packet (one original and one copy)
  5. The full application fee 

Change of Trade Name

MED licensed business entities must advise MED of any changes to their Trade Name or DBA. An entity that applies for such change must submit:

  1. The Report of Changes Application
  2. A copy of the new Trade Name Colorado Secretary of State Registration, or a
  3. A copy of the Change of Trade Name or Amended form filed with the Colorado Secretary of State 
  4. The full application fee

Modification of Premises

For a MED licensed marijuana business owner to make a modification to a MED licensed premises, the owner must submit an application describing the intended modification and receive approval prior to beginning any work. To apply for such change, the business owner must submit:

  1. Report of Changes Application
  2. A diagram of the current layout of the licensed premises and a separate diagram detailing the proposed change(s) – including security equipment locations 
  3. Any revisions made to an existing lease due to the modification 
  4. Proof of any landlord's consent to the intended modification
  5. The full application fee 

See the addresses below for in-person or mail delivery.

Lakewood Office: 
1707 Cole Blvd., Suite 300
Lakewood, CO  80401

Applications can be dropped off between 8 AM and 5 PM at the Lakewood Office ONLY 

Colorado Springs Office:
1030 South Academy Blvd. Suite 200
Colorado Springs, CO 80910

Do Not Mail Applications to this office                             

Longmont Office:
275 South Main Street, Suite 101
Longmont, CO 80501

Do Not Mail Application to this office

Grand Junction Office:
632 Market Street, Suite G3
Grand Junction, CO 81505

Do Not Mail Application to this office    

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